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Name:Unwoke. Unwashed. Trying to be kind.
Birthdate:Sep 10
(This is Kalium from Writscrib, hi guys!)

List of my stories/'verses - for all the stuff I make up and post.

-Hello! I am a people! You can call me Kalium. I've never really been able to settle on a name that I like for very long but that's what I'm using right now.

-I'm not really interested in filling my profile with a load of demographic info. Both for privacy reasons and because I don't think it should matter. But if you must know, I'm a Griffyndor with a lioness patronus and a cypress/unicorn wand. If you need to know anything else, it'll come up as and when needed. If you think I need to give all my details so you know how worthy I am of being treated like a person, sod off.

-CAUTION: I'm not interested in critical analysis of fiction and prefer to use it as escapism and enjoy myself. I also have some deep seated issues with abusive social justice tactics and am somewhat "burned by the Sisterhood". Whilst I still make an effort to be a good person, I rant a LOT about these issues under friendslock. In general I support progressiveness and kindness, I just have concerns yelling at people doesn't make the world better. Those issues aside I prefer not to discuss politics or current events. If any of this stuff upsets you, then You Have Been Warned.

-I'm sort of semi fannish but not really ("fannish-adjacent" if such a term exists). Things that might be considered "my fandoms". I like the atmosphere of creating for fun and sharing, but prefer to apply it to my own creations and I don't like the assumption that fandom is the default mode of geekiness. Sadly I have a lot of anxiety and depression around fandom because some of the things I love have been torn down the middle by people who get angry about things they don't like, which isn't fun when it's stuff you like. So I try to be quiet and accept when people love a thing even when I can't stand it and think it's awful, maybe they just get something different out of it, and stomping on people's happiness isn't nice.

-I love to make things - what things, why all sorts of things. Seriously this whole "cultivate a brand identity" thing is hard, but I think my oldest thing is making up characters and stories, which I've been doing most of my life, way before I knew what OCs were. I don't even remember my first characters but there's a good bet they were talking dinosaurs. These days I still love to write... okay stare at a blank page and tell myself I'll get around to it in a minute. Same thing. I have a few verses on the go that I'm happy to share. And of course I also love to draw things from those stories too.

-I love, love, love worldbuilding, I know some people see it as a waste of time but I think it's one of the best hobbies you can have, to make up a whole world in your head like that. I'm also obsessed with drawing fictional maps. Really, really obsessed. I mean it.

-I make creature art dolls and sell them on Etsy over here - - and yeah, I do commissions too. Want a dragon to sit on your shoulder? Hit me up.

-My favourite colour is purple.

-There is no room in my world for slagging people off. Let's be kind instead.

-Stuff I probably forgot about here, anyway hi!
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